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Halo Custom Edition Article

Texrat's Map List - Fission Point

Map Name
Fission Point

Preferred Mode(s)
CTF, Assault, Team Slayer*, Oddball*

Detail: Now THIS is an exciting map!  I truly love the colors and lighting.  Small, simple and difficult to navigate, it’s perfect for short, fast matches.  The perfect map to place between, say, Siege and Decoy to change up the pace a bit.  More than 6 to 8 players total in field can get really crazy so you may want to position any extra players in defensive spots only.  Trust me: you’ll need them!  *I have not seen Team Slayer or Oddball played on this map

Tips: Own the catwalks, and you own the map.  Try to remain calm even though gameplay gets frenetic.  Squatting in tunnels can either be a great defensive posture or a suicidal camping spot, depending on the tactics of the opposing team.  If heavy weapons are used, they are perfect for suicidal efforts to stop the flag capture at all cost.  But be warned: odds are good you WILL suicide in this cramped environment!

download this map

[Posted: Apr-03-2006 12:42 EST -  (Link)]