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Title: Gangland
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: (DA)Ender
Description: A canyon with unnaturally clean lakes, underground tunnels, and various vehicles

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 16.5M  Date: 06/11/06
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 4,881
User Rating: 8.0

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User Rating: 8.0

File Notes

Supports all gametypes.

Warthog- The default M12 light reconnaissance vehicle of the UNSC forces.
Armed with a Three barreled 12.7MM chaingun

Guass Warthog- The M12G1 Warthog LAAV is similar to the M12. Its only difference is that it
has a turret mounted magnetic acceleration canon, which fires a single round at incredible
speeds. The 25MM Guass Cannon is to be respected. The M12G1 sports a loud horn that can be
activated by pressing and holding ctrl.

Scorpion- The M808B Scorpion tank is powerfull, but slow. It can carry four soldiers plus
a Co-pilot. Armed with a standard 90MM cannon and a .50 cal turret.

Wraith- Armed with a Plasma Mortar and 2 smaller Plasma Cannons, the Wraith excellent
against ground troops as well as other vehicles. Due to its heavy armour and large mass, it
is a slow and bulky vehicle. Aided by a boost system, it can be a formidable opponent.
To boost press and hold ctrl.

Ghost- the Covenant Ghost is fast, and manuverable, Armed with twin plasma cannons, and a
boost system. While it may make a good assault vehicle, the pilot is almost completely
unprotected. To boost, press and hold ctrl.

Banshee- Covenant's standard assault aircraft. Armed with twin plasma cannons, it
is fast and deadly. In addition, it has a boost system, and the ablility to loop and barrel
roll. To loop/barrel roll, right click. To boost, press and hold down ctrl.

Spectre- an armoured transport. The UNSC classfies the Spectre to be the covenant equivalent
to the Warthog. Very manuverable and a rear-mounted plasma cannon makes the Spectre dangerous
to ground troops and vehicles alike. The Spectre sports a boost system, press and hold Ctrl
to boost.

Weapons overview:
MA5B Assault Rifle
BR55 Battle Rifle
Covenant Carbine
M7057 Flamethrower
Covenant Fuel Rod Gun
M19SSM "Jackhammer" Rocket Launcher
MA2B Assault Rifle
Covenant Needler
M6D Pistol
Covenant Plasma Pistol
Covenant Plasma Rifle
M90 Shotgun
M7/Caseless Sub-Machine Gun
S2AM Sniper Rifle
Covenant Beam Rifle

Special Thanks:
Masterz1337: For being totally cool and helping me with the endless questions and MSN IM's
and for not ripping my head off my torso when I ask him to explain it for the 12th time.

Lightning: Again for helping me with exception questions and other stuff I couldn't figure out
Lightning is god.

Skyline: Creating ultra-cool tunnels and letting me use them for this map

Jayden: Constant moral support as well as leading the beta testing team.

Teekup: Dunno um...he did something that was important...mb...idk :P

Ender's Tagz: if you want any of these tags, send me an email or rip them from the map.
MA2B- Modeled, skinned, rigged, textured, Animated, and Tagged, by (DA)Ender
Halo 2 styled rocket launcher- Modeled, rigged, and Tagged by (DA)Ender
BSP- Modeled by (DA)Ender (teleport tunnels by Skyline, Ty for those man!)
Spectre boost, Wraith physics, Scorpion modifications by (DA)Ender
All scripts by (DA)Ender

T3h Credits:
Spectre- Tiamat
Banshee- Knave/Masterz1337 (CMT)
Ghost- Biocroc (public download)
Wraith- Masterz1337\Knave (CMT)
Guass warthog\Chaingun Warthog- Masterz1337\Knave (CMT)
Halo 2 Master Cheif- Jahrain (public download)
All scripts by (DA)Ender
assault bomb- Masterz1337 (CMT)
H2 weapons by CMT or Knave (public download(S) )

All tags were used with permission. I believe in open-sourced tags, but if I didn't make the
tag you should give credit if you rip them.

Beta testers:
Lead: Jayden
Strider Vega Core
Spike The Hedgehog


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