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Title: Downflow
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Jayden
Description: A huge, lush valley where Covenant and Human's Vehicles and Weapons face off.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 49.0M  Date: 08/28/06
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 38,704
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

-Missel Jet
-Spec Ops Warthog
-Spectre with Boost
-Brute Ghost
-Spec Ops Scorpion Tank
-Cloak Wraith
-Spec Ops Pelican

-MA4D Assault Rifle
-Brute Shot
-Homing Rocket Launcher
-AA (Homing) Flak Cannon
-Anti-Vehicle Sniper
-Anti-Vehicle Beam Rifle


Misc Categorization
Environment: Forest/Mountains
Weather: Storm
Map Size: The BeaverCreek of Huge-Assault (Huge)


Words from Jayden:
Project Downflow began much before i even knew about it. In my eyes,
the beginnings of this project were when I first set out to bring the
Scarab to CE...or, for that matter, not even to bring it to Custom
Edition, let me be honest; I just wanted to drive around a Giant Robot
Crushing and Exploding everything in my path, including grammar. (I mean,
don't we all want nothing more than to blow stuff up?) Well, that's
where it started. Over a year and change, I spent time on Elite Predators
and Gearbox Software forums, and with all of Custom Edition's wonderful
tutorials learning the skills (like spending mindless hours uv
unwrapping the Scarab) Well, all that paid off, because it prepared us for
stage two.

Stage two: Mindless hours creating the world that is Downflow.
Okay, so this wasn't really mindless, at all. Stage 2 began in Spanish
Class of Senior Year (which I still managed to pass), where I put the
mind-images to paper using this magical high-tech device called a #2
Pencil. Through this extremely delicate and tedious process, I was able
to create a mold for when I would enter stage 3. During this time,
myself and Troi, a good friend, spent time working on many other concepts,
actually filling up an entire notebook with Downflow Concepts and

Stage three: Look at me, I've got stages.
Stage three involved the age old, archaic process of 3D modeling.
During stage three I spent much time creating and texturing the environment
BSP, with over 400 saved versions, development spanning two different
computers. The result of my suffering? The lucious, secksy level model you see today.

Stage four: Sapien and Guerilla
In short, this part is: Compile Damn you! Why don't You compile? Oh, I'm an idiot, that's why...
Work Damn you! Why don't You work? Oh, I'm an idiot, that's why...
Enter the vehicle Damn you! Why don't You enter the vehicle? Oh, I'm an idiot, that's why...
Crashing? Exception? Compile Damn you! Why don't You love me? Oh, I'm an idiot, that's why...

You get the idea. Well, after all this hard work, I can honestly say I'm a proud momma. I want to thank alot of people, so here goes: If you've ever helped in anyway, thanks. If you've beta'd, even just for a second, thanks. If you've begged me for a beta, thanks. If you've bashed this map, thanks. If you love this map, thanks. If you made this map...gtfo. (nah, just kiddin.) if you've downloaded this map, thanks. If you've hosted this map, thanks. If you were an inspiration to me, thanks. If you've put up with all the bullshit of me "wasting time on the computer" and I know you in real life, thanks. If you hosted a beta test, thanks. If you hosted a teamspeak for the beta's, thanks. If I forgot you, thanks.


Special Thanks to:

(DA) Ender - I met Ender a long time ago, back in Scarab Beta Gulch 7.
Later on, Ender became a very critical part of the Scarab Conversion
Team, and also, a great friend. I can't thank him enough for all he's
taught me and all he's done for downflow and the scarab.

Skyline - Late in the Project Downflow, Skyline was able to offer his
talents to make a real impact. Additionally, his hidden reserves of
knowledge, along with never-ending advice, have really showed how good a
friend he is.

Teekup - You really have to be grateful for someone who's almost always
availble to beta test for you, and that's just what Teekie did.
Bringing the humor to the Teamspeak constantly, Teekie is our resident
modler-only CE developer, a priceless friend.

Strider Vega Core: Continuing contributions and help.

Biocroc: Always there for "aquirring" things for my various needs...not to mention secksing teekie up XD

My inspirations: Jhonen Vasques, Mindless Self Indulgence, H.R. Giger, Bungie Studios, Tiamat, Jahrain, Lightning, Ender


The Halo 2 Scarab Conversion Team is:
(DA)Ender, Jayden, =Ep=TeeKup, Strider Vega Core

The Halo 2 Scarab Conversion Team Credits:
Modeling/UVW maps: Jayden, Tiamat, SVC
Animations: (DA)Ender, Tiamat
Weapons: (DA)Ender
Main Vehicle Tagging: (DA)Ender
Physics: Tiamat, (DA)Ender
Rigging: (DA)Ender, Tiamat
Final Rig: Tiamat


As Quoted by Jahrain:
This map is unprotected. Feel free to, but not limited to rip, reuse, render, fix, improve, remake, learn from, or re-release anything contained within this map. Just donít use it to gain profit in any way, shape or form without written permission. Also, it would be nice to credit me for anything you release containing my tags, and to keep what ever map using my tags unprotected as well so that others can learn from or benefit from them to help make a more productive and friendly development community.

For Downflow Extras go to:
coming soon.


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