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Covenant Vs Marines FINAL

Title: Covenant Vs Marines FINAL
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: FrozenBlade
Description: A Blood Gulch varient with marine and covennant AI bots - play as an elite

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 43.9M  Date: 01/07/07
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 65,609
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

Wage war against the Humans or the Covenant in this very different version of BloodGulch.

Thanks for downloading Covenant Vs. Marines FINAL, as the name suggests, this is the final and probably the best one for most people as a lot of things have been evened out, I would like to say that this map is not the last and there will be tons more from me and even more better maps from me for Halo 2 Vista. This map would have came out about 2 weeks after Beta 5 but I had a lot to do outside of Halo modding, therefore this map came out... a few months later, but now I can finally continue halo modding and make better and better maps as I gain more knowledge with the HEK, anyway now onto what this map holds.

This map is for MP BUT It is NOT recommended for online play as the AI will NOT sync and people will be seeing AI where other players can't. Covenant Vs. Marines is one of my attempts to make a map with decent AI... unlike some maps out there, the AI on CVMF are pretty damn decent and do what they should do which is fight for survival, they will drive vehicles, get into formations and direct each other to survive, in my next map AI will also be flying pelicans and can pick you up in them ;)


Super Banshee
Covenant Gun Turret
LAAG Turret

-- Features --

1. You play as an Elite and you can do ANYTHING the MC can do and you also move properly.
2. Elites will get into the side seats and gunner seats of any vehicle in the map is the vehicle has the seats obviously.
3. Marines attack the Covenant base from ALL sides.
4. Marines and Covenant can see real world distances. ( they can see you and the enemy from far away like we can )
5. You start off with 4 modded weapons which own all, most have secondary fire modes.
6. Marine Snipers are 1 hit KILLERS like real life so be careful not to let them see you if you decide to hit their base.
7. Marines are a lot tougher to balance them out more. ( as they were just pussys with their current strings )
8. Power-ups have been placed on the map to make it easier for you.
9. The map is very detailed with trees, logs and numerous hiding places... if you need them.
10. Red team are the Covenant and Blue Team are the Marines.
11. Sitting in the passenger seat of the Warthog also allows you to control the LAAG Turret at its rear if there is nobody already on it.


1. Even if you play as the Marines ( Blue Team ) You will still be an Elite.
2. AI instantly respawns which some players hate but it keeps the battle consistent so I put this as a bug / good thing.
3. This is a bug that can NOT be fixed, you will spawn in the enemy teams base quite often!

Credits: In no particular order.
Mothergoat - Wasp, one of the best looking vehicles around.
{WK}H guru - Pelican base, which I must say is very handy even though I am not using it for a Pelican on this map.
TheGhost - The best LAAG Turrets you can find on the web.
Jahrain - Halo 2 MC Arms and the sky used in this map.
Spectre maker - Still don't know who you are but thanks!


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