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Backpack Weapons Tags v0100

Title: Backpack Weapons Tags v0100
Section: Halo CE Weapon Tags
Author: CtrlAltDestroy / [ZMT] L33T

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 1.3M  Date: 02/26/07
Downloads: 4,916
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

- Unless you've been living under a freakin' rock, the title should be pretty self explanatory. This will enable your secondary weapon to show up either on your spartan's back or thigh (depending on its size) when not in use.


1. Back up your "globals\globals.globals" tag.
2. Take the contents of "tags\" included in this RAR and extract them to your root "tags\" directory.
3. Take the "backpack_weapons_script.hsc" included in this RAR and extract it to your level's "*\scripts\" folder.
4. Open your scenario in Sapien and compile scripts. Save your scenario.
5. Compile a cache file and enjoy!


- CtrlAltDestroy: Scripting, model work.
- Veegie: Some pointers & help. :)
- Teh_lag: Also giving me some help.
- Trulife8342: His Halo 2 mod (when I looked at one of the pics, I suddenly knew how to execute it. <_<)
- Not PenGuin1362: ;p


- You may edit anthing as you like, just be sure to give proper credit!
- If you plan on adding any new weapons... well... good luck on that. I already maxed out the shader blocks in the model tag. :/


- When a player dies, the backpacked weapon appears to remain on its back, though a pickup-able duplicate is also spawned.
- If the game is set so you only spawn with one weapon, your readied weapon appears to be backpacked, even though you are holding it. Picking up another weapon fixes this bug.


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