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Pickup Jackal Sheild tags

Title: Pickup Jackal Sheild tags
Section: Halo CE Weapon Tags
Author: Kirby_422

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 4.8M  Date: 05/19/07
Downloads: 4,778
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

Special thanks to CMT for donating there jackal bitmaps and shaders.

Important information:
The reason someone hasnt made a sheild to post around yet is because they dont have the settings in the biped to alow something like this. (although I belive some have probly figured it out before and just not post anything about them) The way it works is that the "Child" of the biped is the gun, Master Cheifs collision is set to take damage for children making it so Master Cheif takes the damage from the gun, and puts it on himself. This small edit to Master Cheif tells the gun to take there own damage making any gun usefull as a sheild, and sheild posible. (because use logic lol, if you shot the barel of someones sniper, it wouldnt hurt the holder.. it would probly fing the gun away and damage it, but not hurt the owner lol, yay for more realistic physics lol. you can always add gun damage for SP with this MC expantion so it is even more realistic) This all is preaty much saying that the "child" settings are required by the biped to do this, and if it doesnt have it, its just making them a bigger target instead of protecting them.

drop the folder Jackal Sheild within the weapons folder like the zip shows. you may place the item collection as you want, it would be easiest for you to put it in tags\item collections\single weapons\ like all the other guns, this item collection is for the MP version since SP doesnt need item collections. The reasoning behind a SP and MP version is because of non-syncing damage. the MP one does still take damage, but it doesnt loose protection that easly, and it is only down for a second to get your headshot in. take the tiff file I included for your pickup icon (yes, thats right, you have to do that your self, but there is a tut for it on the internet, so just use that bitmap and the tut, and its done). Next of all, you want to change the message when you pick it up, since you probly have other custom weapons, im not including one, and most of you probly understand the string list editor. Then you must use the biped and collision included so that the sheild acualy works. just place them both in tags\characters\cyborg_mp\ and go to tags\globals\globals.globals and make it the biped for MP (if you are doing SP, make a copy of the normal MC and make it link to the collision model that is used for the MP MC).

Well, I dont realy know many lol. The sheilds damage wont sync online. MC's arm slightly sticks threw the sheild on oneside making it a target. you can get shots threw the sides of the sheilds sometimes.


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