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Wartorn Cove

Title: Wartorn Cove
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Schwinnz
Description: This map takes place in a cove. There are two bases. Each base is different but is about equal. The center of the map is where the special weapons are located.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 8.2M  Date: 07/18/04
Downloads: 5,103
User Rating: 8.5

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User Rating: 8.5

File Notes

Notes from the Author:

Many of you probably know WartornCove in it's old name:
Schwinnz's no.1 alpha 0.1a. The map has changed a lot since
then. To all of you who liked the old version, you probably
won't be disappointed, to all of those who didn't, I wish
you'll prefer this version.

This map takes place in a cove. There are two bases. Each base
is different but is about equal. The center of the map is
where the special weapons are located.

- General tactics:

As an individual, you gotta use the terrain and the
trees/rocks to stay alive. Nothing special here..

- CTF tactics:

You gotta work as a TEAM, this is the most important
thing to know about this map. I conceived it so that
you'd be forced to get the flag as a team and not
by yourself. This means, attack as a group, alone you
have next to no chance. Attack must be well coordinated.
Also always keep in mind that the tank is another part
of the victory. It is very hard to run away with the
flag if your opponents have the tank in their
possession. Again, this is all about teamwork.

- King of the Hill modes:

Nothing to say..

- Slayer modes:

Nothing to say, except that this is not a good slayer
map, it wasn't designed with this in mind.

- Oddball:


A word from the author:
Have fun ! I know a lot of you wanted this map released by all
the emails and spamming on the gearbox forums ;)

I am pretty happy with this map, even though all the problems
I encountered were bugging me a lot and the 8 day long radiosity
really made me mad at times (some people on the IRC can probably
relate some very bad things I said :P).

Please visit my website:

Thanks to:
-Everyone at the gearbox forums
-Aero for tryin to help me even though it didn't work :P
-My bro for all the testing and the comments he gave me
-The Gearbox team for the good job they did despite all the
problems they may have encountered, you did a great job guys!
-The host of the now deceased Gamebuzz server
-The host of the Hive server
-Any other popular host, haven't had time to play HaloCE for a
while ;)
-Everyone I forgot to mention, you probably know who you are
-Any mirror where you can dowload this map from and kept the
-YOU if you are reading this boring stuff ;)

Again, HAVE FUN !
And remember: TEAMWORK is what is important.


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