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Tiki Attack

Title: Tiki Attack
Section: Halo CE Maps
Description: A round canyon with a Scarab

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 28.4M  Date: 05/25/08
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 4,981
User Rating: 7.4

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User Rating: 7.4

File Notes

Storyline behind the map Tiki_Attack

One day, while the humans were gathered in their ghost base (=P), they heard a loud, thud noise. They sent a scout out.


The covenant ship Inexplicability hovered over a deep valley at dusk. Seeing sources of humans, they released a Scarab walker, along with a wraith and a couple of wewapon-disabled phantoms, figuring that a few puny humans wouldn't be much. The scarab was for backup.
At the human base.

The scout came back with stories of a huge spider like thing on the other end of the valley, along with a vast ship overhead. Everyone trooped out to have a look.

The humans sentinels were gone, off to protect the ducks (XD). The Oracle was hovering around in distress. And they could see odd creatures walking around.

"screw the spears and arrows, bring out the guns"

And out came the guns.


"Detecting multiple humans within the dwelling. Looks like they have a couple of cars as well. And why are we wasting troops fighting over puny little feathered creatures?

The war was on.

The fight had been going on for a while, when a elite major was killed. When it died, it threw up it's plasma rifle in one last act of defiance.

At that very instance, the scarab fired.

The gun and bolt met.
And the bolt disappeared.

The rifle had absorbed the scarab's power!
But it got blasted away, flying into a tree and bouncing around.

It buried itself in the roots of a tree. No one saw which tree. Except the Oracle, who was watching with it's bright blue eye. It went and hovered over it, before flying away.
The war went on.
Now you continue the war.

There are AI's, but not really a major factor of the game, just a few in a small corner, fighting over the ducks still =)

Plasma nade is now shield nade that the sword will lunge at.


Energy swords that lunge.
Plasma claws
Fuel rod.

Battle Rifle
X7 Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Fusion Cores
Rocket Launcher(semi hidden)


Phantom x 2

Mongoose x 4
Wasp x 4


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