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Island Hop

Title: Island Hop
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Tiamat
Description: Two islands in deep water with an underwater crossing and working assult boats

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 10.7M  Date: 08/10/04
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 45,473
User Rating: 8.5

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User Rating: 8.5

File Notes

Map: Island Hop (With working boats) by tiamat

Ok this is the map I have been working on for the past two months it features 3 new vehicles and 2 new weapons. It has wind and has been portalled

just basically a conversion of the standerd warthog into a boat, now it look's nothing like a real living warthog, or a puma for that matter.

no gun on the back but u can still use the back seat for sitting the driver can fire two rockets (primary and secondary trigger) each with a 4 second reload

T-ship(transport ship)
a big fat hovercraft-like transport moves extremely fast (at top speed) and can carry a total of 13 players, but it has no gun.

needle rifle
fires high speed overpenitrating shield skipping bounce alot needles or a quick burst of regular needles

energy sword
instant kill melee primary trigger gives u active cameoflage and secondary trigger gives u oversheild after useing one of these two triggers the sword over heats and another trigger can't be used for 60 seconds (but u can still melee )

thnx to:
killa and grim(genocide)
for skins and tags and general assistence

and the testers

There is on known bug sometimes when ur playing a game and your not the host your boat will start flipping wildly, this is not my fault but rather a glitch in the netcode noone else see's u flip and u are not actually in the air so just ignore it and continue to drive it will go away



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