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Tusken Raid

Title: Tusken Raid
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Slap Happy
Description: A desert canyon somewhere on Tatooine with a Star Wars theme.

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 19.2M  Date: 03/07/09
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 24,642
User Rating: 9.1

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User Rating: 9.1

File Notes

A desert canyon somewhere on Tatooine with a Star Wars theme. Tusken Raider (Sand People) villages populate the grand canyon-like landscape baked dry by two suns - no place for a Jedi to be without a trusted lightsaber.

Built for up to 16 players, all gametypes supported, and well balanced with great Star Wars-like sounds:

King of the Hill: Will test your Jedi and force skills with a lightsaber, complete with Force Lunge (primary fire) and Force Push (secondary fire) to be followed up with a killing melee. The open arena will provide maximum fun. There's no aiming reticle, so use the force. Force Lunge will give you a kill opportunity, force push will save your life from an eager sith. 2 jetpacks are nearby if you feel you want to be a bounty hunter. There are no grenades to bail you out, so fight, fly or die. Team Crazy King is recommended, default is a blast.

Race: A Z-95 Starfighter, Gian V-19 Speeder or the ARC Interceptor will test your flight skills as you scream through the canyon at fast speeds. The vehicles won't fail you. (If you are special, bring a helmet). Recommended gametype setup: Free for All, 10 laps (see below for gametype setup, default not recommended)

Odd Ball: Set in a Tusken village, having the skull doesn't mean you will win. Make sure you pickup the right one, or Achmed will scream "I Kill you!" when you melee, or right before the terrorist IED levels your opponent 10 seconds later. (reduced damage so not to be noob-abused). Jango Blasters and Lightsabers will prove if you have the skill it takes to be a master.

CTF: Grab either the Galactic Empire Flag (blue) or the Rebel Alliance Flag (red) and take flight in a fast flying vehicle. All vehicles, especially the AAT and AT-ET are capable of taking you down and will defend your base adequately, but not completely. The Jango Blaster will defend you against any vehicle and is the AAT's enemy. Default CTF is a blast!

Slayer: The Jango Blaster, M24 Gaffi Rifle and 4 sniper towers and countless vantage points will keep you on your toes. It's a large map and the weapons have the range to eliminate the toughest sand worm. Default has limited vehicles but add them as you like, sniper slayer or vehicle slayer? The choice is yours . . . to be the Master, or to fall to the dark side.

I felt like young Anakin Skywalker working at the junk-yard - to scrap together enough goods from many authors - to make an enjoyable Star Wars atmosphere, parts here, combined with parts there.


- V19 Gian Speeder (Venture)- Ultimate_Dragon
- ARC Interceptor (Pyro)- Doug/Nero the Great (tagged by me)
- CIS Armored Assault Tank (AAT) - Rerout (textured by me)
- Z-95 Headhunter Starfighter (Starfighter meh) - Johan Postma/Cold_as_Ice
- All Terrain Escort Transport (AT-ET) (Mech)- IceTiger (textured by me)
- Jetpack (Jango Jetpack) - Caz (texture modified)


- Lightsaber (2) Captain, Force Push and Force Lunge Effects by me, Inspired by Jahrain/Doc Oct
- Jango Blaster (Jango) - PyThOn - Deadly and fast, projectile effects by me
- Achmed IED - (Thats not the ball you picked up, its a terrorist IED that shouts "I kill you!" when used in a melee - (even the Jedi Masterchief handles this carefully), throw it near an enemy or their base.
- M24 Gaffi Rifle - Bolt Action, Kingfish999
- Bantha Brownies (frags) - Bungie - and effects by me
- Bantha Oysters (plasmas) - Bungie - and effects by me
- Secret Halo weapon - Bungie - and effects by me

Vehicle Spawns for gametype setup (especially race):

- Warthog: Spawns Z-95 Starfighter
- Ghost: Spawns V19 Gian Speeder
- Scorpion: Spawns CIS Armored Assault Tank (AAT)
- Rocket Warthog: Spawns Arc Interceptor
- Banshee: Spawns Jango Jetpack
- Gun Turret: Spawns AT-ET

(Included are 2 gametype folders for King and Race)


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