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Snowtorngrove Ai

Title: Snowtorngrove Ai
Section: Multiplayer Maps w/ AI
Author: Mysterion
Description: A Snow Grove Variant with AI bots

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 26.9M  Date: 01/30/10
Downloads: 11,789
User Rating: 8.8

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User Rating: 8.8

File Notes

The Battle for Snowtorngrove has begun with Red Spartans vs. Blue Spartans (AI Bots) fighting for supremecy. There are others here in Snowtorngrove, however, who don't want the your kind among them.

Many modifications have been made to the original map for scenery, weapons and vehicles. Spartans defend their territories with assault rifles and sniper rifles, and operate a gun turret at each base for defense. Fr_Ghosts are also driven into battle by Spartan drivers. Just trying to cross the frozen pond at the central battlefield is truly running "The Gauntlet" as the enemy Spartans try to stop you. Capturing the enemy's flag can really be a challenge, and will take a real effort to do so.

You must be very careful traversing the cavern tunnels because there are "Beings" dwelling there who would love to send you down to their undead brothers waiting deep in the volcanic vents below! One of the vents holds a cache of supplies guarded by one of these "Beings" which includes a portable nuke that you can use to decimate the enemy base. If you want it, you're going to have to work hard to get it.

AI Actor Variants:
Ncyborg Assault Rifles (red and blue)
Ncyborg Big Sniper Rifles (red and blue)

Machinegun Warthogs
Rocket Warthogs
Covenant Turrets

Frag and Plasma Grenades
Assault Rifles
Sniper Rifles
Rocket Launchers
M134 Portable Miniguns
Beam Rifles
Plasma Pistols
Plasma Rifles
C4 Charges
C_Nuke Charge

This mod is designed primarily for solo play, where you can play as either team. Other players can try and join the battle on the Red or the Blue Team. Always remember, no AI characters will sync in HALO CE multiplayer.

If your PC specs aren't very good, then it will definitely clip and lag, but it may help if you tweak the graphics down to a minimum. When joining a game as a client, be sure to minimize your graphics settings to minimize clipping. For desktops and laptops, the mod works very well with a Dual-Core processor and dedicated 256 MB Nvidea card.

Unzip the folder to your desktop, then move the file into your Halo Custom Edition\maps directory, or unzip it directly to the maps directory.


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