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Green Canyon

Title: Green Canyon
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: Arteen
Description: An outdoor map with modded weapons

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 11.8M  Date: 10/11/04
Downloads: 4,570
User Rating: 8.5

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User Rating: 8.5

File Notes

Map: Green Canyon
Creator: Arteen

This is my second map. My first was Entropy.

This map has numerous changes to weapons, vehicles, etc. I made more changes than I can remember, literally, so there might be more changes than those mentioned here.
Plasma Pistol
It shoots three shots at once
Plasma Rifle
It is more accurate
Secondary fire is a powerful plasma grenade launcher
No scope
More ammo
Assault Rifle (V1)
More accurate
Secondary fire shoots pistol bullets
Assault Rifle (V2)
Fires like the Warthog's chaingun
Tracks better
Recharging ammo
Shoots plasma bolts
Gravity Rifle
Unchanged from the unfinished version left in the game
No change
Sniper Rifle
Shoots needles instead of bullets
Rocket Launcher (V1)
Shoots two, less accurate rockets at once
Rocket Launcher (V2)
Fires like the Rocket Hog's Rocket Launcher
Fuel Rod Gun/Plasma Cannon (V1)
Explodes when fired rapidly
Fires three shots at once
Fuel Rod Gun/Plasma Cannon (V2)
Explodes when fired rapidly
Fires one, more powerful shot
Sentinel (new)
Fires a laser
Grenade Launcher (new)
Fires a single, short-fused grenade
Charges and empties remaining grenades at once
Plasma Sword (modified from DocOctavius's Energy Sword)
Melee weapon
Railgun (modified from [DD]Zion's Rail Gun)
RF Railgun
Needle Grenades (modified from Banshee Ace 2's and TheMissingLink117's needle grenades)
Needle-based grenade
Frag Grenades
Model replaced with the skull

Warthogs (RL and Chaingun)
Passenger seat is third person (crosshair is higher than where the actual shots are fired)
Passenger seats are in third person (crosshair is higher than where the actual shots are fired)
No change
Armor is weaker
Moveable, like in single player
Fires more rapidly

Running is faster
6 maximum of each grenade
Vehicles get damage during collisions
Damage from being hit by a vehicle is less
Active Camo tint is red, instead of blue
Lethal melee damage


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