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Bloodgulch Fl A10 Mod

Title: Bloodgulch Fl A10 Mod
Section: Modified Multiplayer Maps
Author: Master FL
Description: A Bloodgulch Variant

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 11.7M  Date: 05/30/10
Map Size: Medium
Downloads: 1,705
User Rating: 8.5

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User Rating: 8.5

File Notes

All the weapons has custom models, not custom animation tough... Also, there's 2 interesting things: I've changed the rocket warthog into a drivable multiplayer unbreakable wraith! Plus, the flamethrower is remplaced with a sentinel beam! Ohhh!!! I had some problems with some models, such as the shotgun, the fuel rod and the sentinel beam. They work tough so be happy with it!

Now here's the weapons and the vehiculs on the map:

-The pistol stands now with the name of: M6F Magnum! It's really powerfull and you can blow up any oponent in your way. The range of the projectiles aren't fixed, so you can't shoot from far away, even if it has a 4X zoom! 6 rounds per magazines, 60 max and quite accurate!

-The MA5E Assault Rifle is an powerfull piercing rifle: it can flip over small vehiculs. Also, it has a 3X zoom and a blue night vision! Not only that, it has the retricle of the pistol! 24 rounds by clips, 240 max and a good accuracy!

-The M126 shotgun is the best light-weighted anti-vehicul weapon you might get! It's fairly accurate, can flip a scorpion with a few shells, is automatic, has a 2X zoom and an orange integrated night vision. 24 rounds by clips, 2 gauges reloaded at the same time, maximum of 120 shells and still that amazing power.

-The S3 AM Piercing Sniper Rifle is an anti-armor sniper rifle, which mean it's 3 times more stronger! It's also even more usefull at long range since you got a 5X and a 20X zoom magnitude. It can also penetrate several surfaces: sceneries, vehiculs, weapons... 2 rounds per clips, 16 max.

-The M58 SSM Rocket Launcher doesn't has a double barrel. But a tripple barrel! Not only it's amazingly powerfull, it has a lock on properity! 3 rounds per clips, 12 max and a red integrated night vision!

-The M9 GE-DP Grenades are twice more powerfull, because they got a second explosive chamber. That mean a single boom of these grenades can quite kill any opponents in the explosion radius!

-The stinger warthog has a cool moding properity: once you enter the vehicul, you'll be in 1st person at every seats! This greater the fealing of the driver and the accuracy of the gunner, but it's quite hard for the driver to see where to go! Anyway the chain gun fires simple sniper rounds that flips vehiculs. Quite powerfull and really accurate.

-The M926B Scorpion MBT has some extremly explosive shells! You MUST be far away from the explosion or you'll be shocked by the explosion! That mean not only it's devastating as it explode on your enemies, but it may also shock more opponents around the area. In other words, it takes a small amount of health! If there's baddies too close to you, don't shoot the main cannon or you'll explode yourself as well! Use the anti-armor machine gun to take out these bad people! Also, if you get too much injured from you own mega explosions, use the machine gun, because the shock wave of the explosion can kill you.

-The Plasma Mauler is a all range weapon: the first function fires 20 plasma bolts in a fairly accurate way which is very powerfull at mid and close range. If you charge up your gun, you'll fire a long range bolt which is quite powerfull. It don't overload much, so the cooling will only take a second!

-The Plasma Gatling is a double plasma rifle: 4 cannons! It's extremly fast and nicely accurate. The only big problem with the gun is than it overheat fastly, so use it wisely!

-The Needler Wrapper has two modes: first, it fires 7 needles that wrap around the opponent. If the 7 needles of fury hit the bad guy, he'll explode in a enormous blast. Also, the weapon is usefull against vehiculs! The second mode fires a slow moving cerebral bore, that mean it'll stun the player, shake his camera as hell for 5 seconds, then blow him in a instant death explosion. The wrapper and the cerebral bore don't use the same ammos, so you'll get a max of 5 bores and 30 wrappers.

-The Fuel Rod Sniper fires fast moving rods, which mean you can use the weapon at long range. Also, there's a scope available to you which has a yellow night vision. The explosions of the fuel rods are increased, so use it with caution!

-The Sentinal Heater is an upgraded version of the sentinel beam: it fires in a great circular shape and burn to death anyone who's in the firing range. It's preferably used in short range, but it can be used as a support weapon in long range! I didn't mentioned it, but this gun makes a hell lot of holes!

-The Plasma Sticky will eventually sticks to any flat platform. However, it will not sticks to sand and snow, snice it's a ton of small stuffs! Stickying it on a living creature will increase it's damage, so aim well and blow the hell out of the guy!

-The Madness Ghost is an anti-vehicular covenant vehicul. Each projectiles will explode on impact and make small explosions that are usefull against anything. Sorry for lying, but the only thing the madness ghost is bad against is flying vehiculs, because the projectiles will fall down. Only a good marksman can hit a few time these kind of bad guys!

-The Ectobanshee is simply stunting! The main plasma cannons fires extremly fast and stunts anyone who'se hitten by it. If it ever had to kill a big vehicul, the secondary mode fires 10 fuel rods, which are reduced, but they still can flip over a big vehicul!

-The Wraith is, as told before, in multiplayer! It's remplaced with rocket hogs, and the projectiles has something more dangerous: they're more faster, has the same arc and are more powerfull. Have fun with this new vehicul (From the campaign...)!


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