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ASCM A50 Truth and Reconciliation single player

Title: ASCM A50 Truth and Reconciliation single player
Section: Modified Single Player Maps
Author: Ifafudafi
Description: A Modified Single Player A50 Truth and Reconciliation

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 98.3M  Date: 09/18/10
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 5,770
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes

Another Stupid Campaign Mod


-The debut of the Sniper Rifle. Kicks like a mule, but guaranteed to kill anything you shoot in the face in one shot (and anything you don't in two or three.)
-Two new close-range Covenant weapons: The Eviscerator, which fires a barrage of homing needles that close in on mid-short range enemies, and the Plasma Spread, which launches 8 powerful plasma bolts in a wide cone.
-New, custom-made animations for the Assault Rifle and Plasma Rifle.



-The Plasma Burst has been nerfed slightly. Its firing cone has been widened and its power has been reduced. It was simply too effective, especially at distances beyond its intended range.
-Detonation time for Impaler needles has been reduced dramatically. You'll now need to land every single shot at the maximum fire rate without missing once to earn a supercombine.
-The Battle Rifle now aligns properly with bipeds in third person.
-The Plasma Beam has had its power increased slightly.

-Marines are immune to headshots and supercombines, and have three times their previous health. They now die much less quickly and frequently, although still within reason.
-Elite shield recharge delay has been increased to 5.25 seconds (.75 seconds quicker than yours.)
-Grunts have had a slight health boost.
-Elites with Impalers have had their preferred combat distance shortened.
-Jackal shields are slightly less effective against the Needler.


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