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Title: ASCM B30
Section: Modified Single Player Maps
Author: Ifafudafi
Description: Another Stupid Campaign Mod b30 The Silent Cartographer

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 84.8M  Date: 09/30/10
Downloads: 3,709
User Rating: 9.0

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User Rating: 9.0

File Notes


-New pickup icons have been added, along with unique ones for weapons without new models (a letter will denote its function, e.g. Plasma Rifle + B for Plasma Beam).
-The Plasma Burst has been further nerfed; it's rate of fire has been slightly decreased.
-The Plasma Spread no longer has a zoom function and its rate of fire has been increased, with its heat output and power reduced to compensate.
-The Battle Rifle's rate of fire has been increased.
-Assault Rifle ammo pickups now award three extra clips, and SMG pickups give you two.
-The Pistol has new animations.
-The Assault Rifle & Battle Rifle now use the reload-empty (clip depleted) animation exclusively. Halo will use the same reload time regardless of true animation length, and my animator refuses to lengthen the reload-full animations, so this is the best way I have of making do.

-Marines have had their health and damage resistance increased even more.
-Jackal shields are slightly more resistant to Plasma weapons.
-Precision weapons now do more damage to Hunters.
-Elite and Spartan shields will now increase in brightness as they come closer to popping.

Particle Effects
-The Fuel Rod Gun has a new particle effect.
-Elite shield depletion effect has been cut down to be far more clean and conservative; it was way, way too overdone for such a simple and frequent occurance.
-Free-floating plasma residue (e.g. from the Plasma Grenade) now has gravity, giving it a more substantial impression.
-Various other tweaks and optimizations.

a10 can be found at here
a30 can be found here
a50 can be found here


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