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Death Island Base Model (gmax)

Title: Death Island Base Model (gmax)
Section: 3D Model Files
Author: ?

File Name: death_island_base_model_(gmax).zip
Media Type: Zip
Size: 1.2M  Date: 12/24/10
Downloads: 254
User Rating: pending

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User Rating: pending

File Notes

This is nothing more than the blue base ripped from Death Island. Convceived, created, and given to the world by the wonderful sous at Bungie. All I did was take it and completely ID it. I noticed no one had released such a base WITH IDs intact, and I needed the IDs preserved, so I had to do it myself. I now release this so no one else has to.

This model only comes in gmax format. Saving it as on OBJ does not preserve smooting groups or IDs, and I don't have a 3ds exporter for gmax (yet). For those of you with 3ds Max, just download gmax anyway. It's free. You can mess with it all you want from there. The model comes with a portions of the surrounding cliffs/terrain that merged with the base, so you don't have to make that yourself either.

I had to re-map a few polys because Bungie screwed up or something. It's weird. And they also inteneded to put a series of lights up top in the ceiling, but accidentally left them higher than the ceiling, so they were useless. I lowered those into the ceiling so they can be used.

Here's the IDs: their numbers and their corresponding bitmap names:

7: tower_metal_trim
8: metal flat generic
9: metal strips wide 1*
11: metal strips narrow
12: metal strips decorative wide
15: tech dense circuits**
18: metal plate floor ext
19: ground and cliffs (whatever you want to use for those)
22: metal panels generic ext
23: metal panels ext unearthed
25: metal panels generator
26: lights small strips***
28: metal strips wide
29: metal plate floor
30: teleporter_shield_mask

The IDs are the way they are because of the material set I needed to reference for inclusion in my main map (Requiem). Instead of making a new one for this base, then merging it into the map with several material sets, I IDed the base according to the map's material set. If you see references to other IDs (the set only goes up to 30), ignore them. I've already IDed the entire base (aside from the Banshee/Shade Turret decals by the teleporters, the base color symbol on the front, and the same symbol where the Ghost spawns up top, which you can do), so you should be all set.

*I used a different bitmap here, from Halo 2, which you may see in the material set. metal strips wide 1 is the bitmap used in Death Island.

**I used a different bitmap for this, from Halo 2, which you may see in the material set. tech dense circuits is the bitmap used in Death Island.

***The Banshee/Shade Turret decals by the teleporters are mapped with this bitmap. This is just a 'placeholder'. If you decide to use a decal there, change the bitmap.

Anyways, enjoy. I'd welcome a citation to my work in IDing this thing for general use, if you do decide to use it, but I don't care that much, since IDing it was pretty easy (and fun), and since 99% of the work was already done by Bungie.


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