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Rpg Beta7

Title: Rpg Beta7
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: OpsY
Description: Lots of fun in space, new vehicles, new weapons and ship-to-ship action

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 64.0M  Date: 02/10/13
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 23,921
User Rating: 8.4

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User Rating: 8.4

File Notes

-Add to Notes-

After many years of development, I am finally ready to release RPG_Beta7. This map originally
meant to be part of RPG_Beta6 but ended up evolving into it's own full scale map.

The map is set in Space high above the planet Andorra. It features the return of the UNSC Frigate Citadel of Quebec.
Also on orbit, is a Covenant cruiser with full interior, a Human space station with underground forerunner wonders,
2 satellites, a Beatle Insertion Craft and a downed prowler.

It features ground breaking live roleplaying elements. New syncing features allow you to call in Boarding Crafts,
Deploy Spirit dropships, Call in Airstrikes, Fire plasma torpedoes, Fire MAC Cannon and MORE! Yes, lockdown is gone.

You are also able to select your biped when you start playing, one of 5 ODST or simply spartan biped and it syncs.

On the Vehicle side of things, new vehicles make the map even more realistic. You can now control
the Frigate's point defense guns from the bridge, take control of the Remote Defense Satellite or even, more simply,
sit in the cafeteria.

Reminder: This map is made for RPG, not for slayer or competitive gametypes.

Scripting How-To:

There are switches to activate every script feature. However, should you (Host, Dedi) want to activate them by devmode here's the How-to:
(Note, every script has a DELAY into it. Basically, you cannot activate it until it has finished it's run and usually, about 10 seconds
of additionnal delay. Don't rush it as it may fall out of sync)

Deploy Boarding crafts: Device_set_position dick_control 1 <--Switch located on covenant cruiser bridge
Deploy Spirit Dropships: Device_set_position uboat_control 1 <--Switch located on covenant cruiser bridge
Fire Plasma Torpedoes: Device_set_position torpedo_control 1 <--Switch located on covenant cruiser bridge
Call in Airstrike: Device_set_position bombing_control 1 <--Switch located on Oswego Station bridge
Fire MAC Cannon: Device_set_position boom_control 1 <--Switch located on frigate's bridge
Release prisonners: Device_set_position lock_control 1 <--Switch located on frigate's bridge
Change Prison open time: set lock_timer "input time in TICKS here"
Toggle Red Alert: device_set_position alarm_control_1 1 <--Switches located everywhere on CoQ

Vehicle names:

Sparrowhawks: RP_h1 through RP_h8
Pelicans: RP_p1 through RP_p4
Phantom: RP_Phantom
Jetpacks: RP_pack_a through rp_pack_h
RDS: RP_rds
CoQ turrets: rp_tr and rp_tl


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