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Halo Custom Edition Article

Dedicated Server Commands
The following commands can be issued in the dedicated server console:

  • cls Clear the console text.

  • help [command] Tell you about the command.

  • quit Quit Halo for the PC dedicated server.

  • sv_ban [player name or index] Ban the player with the given name or index. Yes it does sv_ban_penalty [time1] [time2] [time3] [time4]. Specifies the levels of punishment for repeat offenders. The first offense will be punished for [time1], the second offense for [time2], the third offense for [time3], the fourth offense [time4] and the fifth offense for an indefinite period of time (the administrator has to unban the user). The format of time is ns, nm, nh, nd or 0. n is a digit in the 1-9 range and 0 is infinite.

  • sv_banlist Show the list of the banned players.

  • sv_banlist_file Specifies the file to store and load the ban list to and from. Note: this file's name is restricted to banlist##.txt where ## is a two digit number. This allows multiple instances to use different ban lists while still restricting the name of the ban list (for security purposes). Umm, you can set this to be any string of alphanumeric characters, like banlistTHISisAsuperLONGfilename123.txt.

  • sv_end_game End the currently running game. This will proceed to the next game in the map cycling game entries list.

  • sv_kick [player index or name] Kick the player with the given name or index out of the game.

  • sv_log_enabled [1/0] Enables Disables logging (1 = enabled 0 = disabled)

  • sv_log_file ["name"] Sets the name of your of your file. Logfiles are written into the same directory that your gametypes are located. Default: C:\My Documents\My Games\Halo CE\savegames this location can be changed using the -path command line argument.

  • sv_log_rotaion_threshold [Kbytes] Sets the size at which your log file will archive itself and start with a new file. The default is 4 MB. If you set this too high, the game will start to slow down. 0 disables log rotation.

  • sv_log_echo_chat [1/0] Echos the server chat to your server console screen (1 = on 0 = off)

  • sv_map [map name] [game variant] Start a game with the indicated map and game variant. When the game is over, this game will restart itself. This command supersedes any map cycle the server has.

  • sv_mapcycle Show game list.

  • sv_mapcycle_add [map name] [game variant] Append this game entry (map name and game type) to the end of the game list.

  • sv_mapcycle_begin Start the map cycling with the specified game entries.

  • sv_mapcycle_del [index] Delete the game entry from the map cycling game list (use sv_mapcycle to get game IDs?).

  • sv_mapcycle_timeout n Time in seconds to restart the next game in the game list after game is finished (this determines how long clients are sitting at the post carnage report screen).

  • sv_map_next End the current game and skip to the next game in the map cycling game entries list.

  • sv_map_restart Restart the game.

  • sv_maxplayers n (Default value is 16) Set the maximum number players. Changed for 1.03: This can be done in the init.txt or at any time using the console, but does not kick players out of the current game if there are already more players than specified in the command.

  • sv_motd ["filename"] Server Message of the Day. Use this command to specify a 4-line text file that contains your message. When clients join the game, they see the MOTD on the rules screen. Use this to specify server rules (like no swearing, etc...) and to give server URLs and admin contact information.

  • sv_name [string] (Default value is “Halo”) Set the server name (64 characters max). This should be done in the init.txt file, before map cycling begins. With the 1.03 update, the set of characters allowed for server names is no longer limited to alphanumeric characters. Most keyboard-accessible punctuation is now allowed, but not extended or accented characters.

  • sv_password [string] Set password for server. This should be done in the init.txt file, before map cycling begins.

  • sv_players List the players and their indices for reference in banning and kicking players from the dedicated server. With v1.03, sv_players also shows the number of TKP per players and their cool down period (as appropriate).

  • sv_public [true, false] (Default value is true) Determine if the server will be listed in the GameSpy? Master Server list (true) or not (false). This should be done in the init.txt file, before map cycling begins. Note: setting this to false is equivalent to hosting a LAN game.

  • sv_rcon_password [string] Set the RCon? password. To remove the password, thus disabling RCon?, specify an empty string “” as the password.

  • sv_status [true, false] Displays the current status of the dedicated server in the console.

  • sv_tk_ban n Specifies the number of "team kill points" required for a player to be kicked and banned from a server. See section H for additional information about Controlling Team Killing and Banning undesirable players.

  • sv_tk_grace [time] Set the grace period during which a player can only be credited with one TKP. For example, if set to 3s, a player can only be credited for one team kill every 3 seconds, preventing an accidental grenade explosion from crediting multiple TKP to a player.

  • sv_tk_cooldown [time] Set the cool down period after which a player will be forgiven one TKP if they have not committed another team kill.

  • sv_unban [player name] Allow the player with the given name to join the server again.

[Posted: Apr-23-2005 13:58 EST -  (Link)]