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Halo Custom Edition Article

Dedicated Server Command Line arguments
Command Line Arguments for Halo CE dedicated servers

You can run the Halo CE dedicated server from a Windows command prompt or from a batch file. The following is a list of arguments you may use to start a Halo CE Dedicated server. Note you may use more than one command at a time:

haloceded.exe -argument [option]

haloceded.exe -exec c:\haloCE\init.txt -path C:\haloCE\variants -IP -port 2322

  • -?
    Displays a list of all arguments.

  • -exec
    Specify which init.txt file to use for this instance of the dedicated server. The name of this file can be any name.

  • -cpu
    When using a multi-processor computer (SMP) server, it is possible to instruct Halo Dedicated Server to run on a specific CPU. To do so, use the –cpu n command line argument (where n is a given CPU, 0 being the first one).

  • -path
    Sets the default path to the Gametypes and the log file location. The default is C:\My Documents\My Games\Halo CE\savegames.

  • -port
    Different instances must, obviously, use different ports. -port is used to specify the port for the instance being launched. If a port is not specified the server will automatically choose an open port though the chosen port is not reported.

  • -ip x.x.x.x
    Server IP address used when you have multiple IP addresses and wish to bind the server to a specific IP address. If this command is omitted in servers running multiple IP addressess the the Halo Server will answer on all IPs.

Other command line arguments for Halo CE (note not all apply to a dedicated server)
  • -nosound
    Disables all sound.

  • -novideo
    Disables video playback.

  • -nojoystick
    Disables joystick/gamepads.

  • -nogamma
    Disables adjustment of gamma.

  • -useff
    Forces the game to run as a fixed function card.

  • -use11
    Forces the game to run as a shader 1.1 card.

  • -use20
    Forces the game to run as a shader 2.0 card.

  • -safemode
    Disables as much as possible from the game.

  • -window
    Runs the game in a window.

  • -width640
    Forces the game to run at 640x480.

  • -vidmode w,h,r
    Forces the game to run at width, height, refresh rate.

  • -adapter x
    Forces the game to run fullscreen on a multimon adaptor.

  • -cport x
    Client port address used when joining games.

  • -screenshot
    Enables the "Print Screen" key to generate screenshots

  • -timedemo
    Runs four movies and writes out timedemo.txt.

  • -console
    Enables the debugging console.

- A number of these command prompt arguments are used by PSS to troubleshoot problems.
- Many of the command prompt arguments mirror functionality available from within the standard Halo user interface.

[Posted: Apr-23-2005 14:53 EST -  (Link)]