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Halo Custom Edition Article

That map is a leak will you remove it?
Once we place something into the file archive it will not be deleted without a court order. Period.


I absolutely refuse to be the gatekeeper for people's bad judgment. I am sick and tired of people giving out their incomplete maps to untrustworthy individuals who upload them to our website for distribution and then expect ME to know if the map is ready for distribution or is an incomplete and authorized release. So let me be clear on one thing:


I have gone out of my way to support the map makers of this community spending thousands of my hard earned dollars on a reliable efficient website and download system. I transfer over 3.2 terabytes a month in files to your hard drives without obligation or asking for anything and I have created a machinima series to highlight the maps (seen in the series by more people than download them) that people have made to promote the game. And NOW people want ME to be the guardian of their lack of common sense, their lack of foresight and their childish behavior.


If you don't want your map put into the public then you should not give it to people until it is done or at the very minimum be more selective in the people to whom you do.

So here is the rule: If someone uploads a map to our website and it passes the play test and it does not have the same name as an existing map. It will be posted for download. If there is a dispute over who the author is then we will remove the authors name. I will not remove a map from the website without a court order.

I am sure a lot of you are going to be mad at me and quite frankly I don't care because your anger is completely misdirected. You should have taken more care and not given your map to an untrustworthy person. You should have named the map in such as manner (mapname_beta, mapname_alpha1...) as to indicate it is incomplete. You should be mad with yourself.

There is no discussion, no argument, no plea that is going to change my mind because I have had it! I am not some teenage kid throwing a tantrum, I have been doing this stuff before most of you were even conceived and now it is time for you take responsibility for your actions and decisions. If the only way to get you to be more careful is by posting the unauthorized releases when uploaded to us then so be it. Because: I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO BE THE GATEKEEPER FOR YOUR BAD JUDGMENT.

[Posted: Nov-30-2005 12:02 EST -  (Link)]