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Halo Custom Edition Article

Texrat's Map List - Sky Twins

Map Name
Sky Twins

Preferred Mode(s)
 CTF, Assault

Detail: This is one of my personal favorites.  It’s hard to fully quantify just why; it’s simply good, clean fun.  But there are elements that are easily identified.  For one, the much-maligned Banshee is put to the best use I’ve seen in a custom map.  It’s free to fly through the empty space between the two floating islands as well as around them, providing excellent cover or opportunities to interrupt flag capture.  At the same time, Banshees are still vulnerable, especially to tanks, which by the way have never been a problem in any match I’ve played on this map.  This map is a joy to play, but I don’t know if any other game type other than CTF or Assault will work effectively on it.

Tips: Fly a Banshee to the opposing landing bay.  Park it near the edge, steal an enemy Banshee and blast yours into space for the respawn.  Also, keep a tank near base.  You’re gonna need it.  Rockets are guided, so keep a rocket launcher handy on flag runs to fend off attacking Banshees.  Use the plentiful hills to your advantage.

download this map

[Posted: Mar-27-2006 15:53 EST -  (Link)]