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Halo Custom Edition Article

Texrat's Map List - Quagmire

Map Name

Preferred Mode(s)
CTF, Assault, Oddball, Team Slayer, Team King of the Hill*

Detail: Another favorite.  I especially love the moody atmosphere, including the soft rain and animal sounds.  The terrain is interesting and challenging.  CTF can be especially frustrating if radar isn’t used.  Oddball is an absolute riot and is the most common mode I’ve seen turn up on this map.  It’s in fact the map and mode where I’ve seen people have the most fun it seems.  The only irritation to me involves spawn points during Oddball; they can be a bit daunting.  *As for King of the Hill, I haven’t seen it come up so I don’t know if that mode was ever enabled, but it sure would be a hoot to play on this map!

Tips: Grenades can be your best friends on this map.  Tossing them in a fairly wide dispersal pattern can help you find skulking enemies, so always load up on both types when you can.  Foliage is plentiful and can save your butt sometimes.  Make sure to spread your team out on CTF because otherwise if the enemy gets your flag you can kiss it goodbye.  I advocate continuously sending team members forward in pairs, left and right of bridges on foot and utilizing bridges in vehicles.  Close-range weapons are your best primary choice as you will usually not see an enemy until you are nearly nose-to-nose.  Firing rockets across the map (at base) can be a great way of disturbing your enemy.  Lean much more toward offense than defense to be effective.

download this map

[Posted: Mar-27-2006 16:02 EST -  (Link)]