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Halo Custom Edition Article

Texrat's Map List - New Mombasa Classic

Map Name
New Mombasa Classic

Preferred Mode(s)
CTF, Assault, Team King of the Hill, Team Slayer*

Detail: NMC marked a turning point in Halo CE custom map development: it was a professional, thorough effort that could have easily come out of Bungie Studios.  At the time, NMC set the standard for interest and playability.  The size, key elements and options are near perfect.  It enjoyed a significant amount of play after its first release as well as during an ill-fated campaign to get 1000 CE players online at once (in order to get a patch from Gearbox).  Unfortunately, I rarely see it come up now and when I do the players are more interested in stunts and team killing than playing a strategic match.  However, it still meets all the necessary criteria and I’d like to see it in rotation more often.  Sandwich it between two high-interest maps (perhaps legacy) to ensure a decent set of players.

Tips: Another map where rocket hogs can have a huge impact on map stealing, both ways.  The ghost is great for sneaky flag theft attempts; grab the frg from its ledge and you can hop out to defend yourself from just about anybody.  My favorite tactic: grab the rocket launcher and cloak at my base, load up on grenades, get more rl ammo from the middle of the freeway, then jump over the rail near the enemy base to get even more rl ammo and another cloak.  From there, proceed to pound on the enemy so that the rest of your team can get away with the flag.  If your team is paying attention, this works very well.  Also, never underestimate the value of the tunnel.  A team that is communicating well and providing adequate cover can move a flag through it with virtual ease.

download this map

[Posted: Apr-03-2006 12:43 EST -  (Link)]