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Halo Custom Edition Article

Texrat's Map List - Gallows Pole

Map Name
Gallows Pole

Preferred Mode(s)
CTF, Assault, Team Slayer*, Team King of the Hill*, Oddball*

Detail: This one was prominent on the old EPGS custom maps server and was always a blast to play.  Its well-planned landscape encouraged a strong team effort, especially on defense.  The small base enables easy flag grabs, but don’t get cocky—there are plenty of opportunities for your opponents to interrupt capture.  For that reason, flag steal attempts can be really exciting and full of quick, intense battles in and around bases.  The scenery, especially near the waterfall, is as stunning as Halo CE maps get.  This is a good map to place in rotation between indoor maps or maps with city-like landscapes; coming right after New Mombasa Classic and right before Fission Point would work well.

Tips: Play this one as you would Bungie’s Timberland for the most part, although note that base-to-base distance is slightly shorter.  The tunnels tend to be under-used so they are a good conduit for flag runs.  Flag thefts are very difficult if the enemy is highly-populated at base; draw them out and distract them or storm the base full-force depending on their behaviors.

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[Posted: Apr-03-2006 12:49 EST -  (Link)]