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Halo Custom Edition Article

Texrat's Map List - Schwinnz/Wartorn variants

Map Name
Schwinnz/Wartorn variants

Preferred Mode(s)

Detail: I have to give kudos to those involved in the various versions of this map.  It’s well-modeled, fun for the most part, and popular.  So why didn’t it make the select list?  Mainly because of the middle region: in my opinion it’s too restrictive and unbalanced.  Hotshot pistoleers, rocketeers, grenadiers and snipers hold too much sway here for my liking.  There are no alternatives to the middle stretch; oddly enough, the only alternate routes at all lie on each side, between each base and its passage (narrow) to the middle.  Plus I feel each teleport is too close to a passage.  That said, I realize there are fierce adherents who like the map variants they way they are, and I won’t quibble with them over differing opinions.  I actually like playing Wartorn variants—except when a few people hold the middle completely hostage or the gameplay descends (as it often does in my experience) into sheer madness.

Tips: Break into two squads, each separated by 1/4 to 1/3 the map, and use diversions as much as you can manage.  You only have a few areas to truly stop flag theft so keep that in mind and strategize accordingly.  Rockets are key to stopping flag thefts and they are hard to come by.  Grenades also come in handy but for unknown reasons I experience more grenade misbehavior on these maps than on most others.

What would have made this a select map: At least one alternate route past the middle bottleneck, and teleports a bit farther from each passage.

[Posted: Apr-03-2006 12:52 EST -  (Link)]