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Halo Custom Edition Article

Texrat's Map List - Immure

Map Name

Preferred Mode(s)
CTF, Team Slayer

Detail: I came in at the tail end of the beta on this one and didn’t have a lot to contribute.  In hindsight I would have liked to have been more involved so I could have possibly argued against the incorporation one ironic factor: the element that makes this map really unique and cool also contributes to its status as a runner-up.  In fact I think the map should have been named “Wasp” because of it.

Immure introduced the Wasp, a new flying vehicle that is fun to ride, highly mobile and nearly invulnerable from ground fire.  This is great fun if you’re in one but no fun at all for hapless pedestrians.  I have yet to see an Immure match that didn’t ultimately wind up as Wasp riders versus dead meat on the ground.  Wasp pilots rarely engage each other and even if they do, they will break off to go after defenseless ground-pounders at any moment.  Victories are so lopsided that frustrated players quit in droves.  A sad state because otherwise this one really sweet map: small, well-designed and just difficult enough to be challenging without taxing.  I’d love to see an Immure 2…

Tips: Get a Wasp.  Fast.  Keep it.

What would have made this a select map: Guided rockets, pure and simple.  Maybe an enhanced needler too.  Perhaps even plasma grenades that, if tossed within a certain distance of a Wasp, would zip over to them.  Either that or one Wasp per player.

download this map

[Posted: Apr-03-2006 12:55 EST -  (Link)]