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Bigass V2.104

Title: Bigass V2.104
Section: Halo CE Maps
Author: aLTis

File Name:
Media Type: Zip
Size: 66.9M  Date: 12/16/14
Map Size: Large
Downloads: 33,439
User Rating: 7.7

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User Rating: 7.7

File Notes

Vehicles: all vehicles except Falcon have 3rd person passenger cameras.
-Falcon: more armor, easier to aim, explodes into a few pieces;
-Scorpion: modified Halo: Reach model, driver cannot be sniped, less armor, more accurate, projectile has a contrail and smaller explosion radius;
-Truck: is destroyable, driver cannot be sniped;
-Chaingun Warthog: added horn, weapon is slightly more accurate and powerful;
-Gauss Warthog: less auto aim, slightly less powerful, new collision model;
-Rocket Warthog: added horn;
-Mongoose: added horn, new sounds, faster;
-Spade: improved animations, headlights can be turned on and off with flashlight button.

Weapons: all weapons have small balance changes.
-Trip mines: added sounds, less damage to the owner and no damage to teammates, activates much faster, fixed glitch that caused trip mines to disappear when activated;
-Pistol: Halo: Reach model;
-Shotgun: CMT spv3 model, less damage;
-Spartan Laser: added reticle, more powerful against vehicles;
-Sniper Rifle: bullets can bounce off from metal surfaces, carries less ammo;
-Binoculars: fixed a glitch that spawned 2 Gauss Rifles on client side, infinite ammo with ~1 minute recharge time;
-Gauss Rifle: increased damage;
-M6S(socom): added night vision;
New weapons:
-Rocket Launcher: uses Halo 1 model as a placeholder, charging will fire a homing rocket, player at which homing rocket is fired will hear warning beeping sound.

Known issues:
-Sometimes when you destroy a vehicle it says “died” instead of “you killed”;
-There are a few collision errors in BSP which cause grass to glow in the dark;
-Switching time will cause detail objects to keep previous lightning for a bit;
-Particles might disappear in some places.


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