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Server Name UP Since Last
Map Last Played
pb_forest May-27-2018
Tusken_Raid May-26-2018
bc_raceway_final_mp May-26-2018
immure2 May-26-2018
sciophobia May-26-2018
mudslide_INSANE May-26-2018
tempo May-26-2018
siege May-26-2018
djw_alpha_onesimus_a May-26-2018
grove_final May-26-2018
CamtrackArena May-26-2018
Division May-25-2018
cmt_tensity May-25-2018
the_narrows May-25-2018
gallowspole May-25-2018
corrupted May-25-2018
asteroid May-25-2018
fissurefall May-25-2018
Cityscape-Adrenaline May-25-2018
cliffhanger May-25-2018
No_Remorse May-24-2018
destiny May-24-2018
wizz_pb_0150209 May-24-2018
deagle6_texture May-24-2018
bloodislands May-24-2018
Claustrophobia2 May-24-2018
division_falls May-24-2018
cmt_v2_fragment May-24-2018
hmf_marecage May-23-2018
Launch_Bay_X May-23-2018
desolate_keep May-23-2018
smallprawn May-23-2018
TLSstronghold May-23-2018
Nervous_king May-23-2018
Fission_Point May-23-2018
blood_creek_rc2 May-23-2018
snipercanyon May-22-2018
GraveYard May-22-2018
snowtorn_cove May-22-2018
hogarena May-22-2018
hydro_generators May-22-2018
sympathy_mp May-22-2018
chiller May-21-2018
ominous May-21-2018
opavo May-21-2018
anxiety May-21-2018
castle_mp May-21-2018
VALIS May-21-2018
djw-delta_station May-21-2018
revelations May-20-2018
Solitude May-20-2018
Cmt_Snow_Grove May-20-2018
Garden_CE May-20-2018
Chronopolis_C3_Public_Beta0.2 May-20-2018
lookout_classic May-19-2018
Z_sanctuary_h2_pb2 May-19-2018
dichotomy May-19-2018
snowcast May-17-2018
Abandonment May-17-2018
church May-16-2018
Concat May-16-2018
twist_beta May-16-2018
orion_final May-16-2018
Seclusion May-16-2018
deltaruined_INTENSE May-16-2018
vestige May-16-2018
Yoyorast Island V2 May-16-2018
H2_Zanzibar_v3 May-15-2018
tactics May-15-2018
ledge May-15-2018
h2-warlock May-12-2018
ancient_sanctuary_beta May-12-2018
paradise_lost May-11-2018
fates_gulch May-11-2018
Snowed_In May-11-2018
peril May-11-2018
Falujah_1.2 May-10-2018
olympus_mons May-09-2018
Facing_WorldsRX May-09-2018
UMT_Archive May-05-2018
ChaosGulch May-03-2018
TM_Immolate May-01-2018
highlow May-01-2018
Escalade-Mount May-01-2018
Mystic Apr-29-2018
frost Apr-29-2018
H2_Momentum Apr-28-2018
ewok Apr-27-2018
highlands Apr-20-2018
nightglow_v2 Apr-18-2018
isolation Apr-17-2018
portent Apr-17-2018
C3LL Apr-16-2018
nightcamp_ce Apr-12-2018
soli_deo_gloria Apr-11-2018
05/19/18 05/26/18 0 Dedicated
Map Last Played
Ambush May-27-2018
05/14/18 05/26/18 0 Dedicated
Map Last Played
bloodgulch May-27-2018
wizard Dec-03-2016
cmt_snow_grove Nov-20-2016
meatlocker_race Sep-04-2016
bc_raceway_final_mp Sep-04-2016
broadsword Aug-23-2016
New_Mombasa_Race_v2 Jul-19-2016
D40_race Jul-15-2016
windfall_island Jul-10-2016
cliffhanging Jun-26-2016
garden_ce Jun-05-2016
abandonment May-22-2016
solitude May-22-2016
Ambush Feb-28-2016
eternity Feb-21-2016
[h3]_sandtrap Feb-21-2016
no_remorse Jan-31-2016
brulante-fin Jan-31-2016
the_cage Jan-10-2016
h3 foundry Oct-03-2015
asylum Oct-03-2015
extinction Jul-08-2015
dance May-24-2015
poq_ambush_ce Apr-06-2015
icefields Mar-23-2015
portent Feb-05-2015
revelations Feb-04-2015
coldsnap Feb-04-2015
siege Dec-14-2014
tactics Dec-14-2014
sciophobia Dec-12-2014
aquarii_final Dec-12-2014
ambush_2 Dec-12-2014
cold_valley Nov-30-2014
RNDM_Ascension Oct-19-2014
zanzibar_intense Oct-02-2014
the_moon_hotel Oct-01-2014
05/11/18 05/26/18 0 Dedicated
Map Last Played
damnation May-27-2018
Prisoner May-26-2018
beavercreek May-26-2018
carousel May-26-2018
chillout May-26-2018
ratrace May-25-2018
hangemhigh May-25-2018
infinity Sep-17-2016
dangercanyon Sep-17-2016
gephyrophobia Sep-15-2016
05/03/18 05/26/18 0 Dedicated
Map Last Played
ColdSnap May-27-2018
Ambush May-27-2014
05/01/18 05/26/18 0 Dedicated
Map Last Played
[HSP]The-Pit May-27-2018
04/25/18 05/26/18 0 Dedicated